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Vision & Values

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Who are we?

We are a Christ-centred community: we worship, pray, ask  questions, get our hands dirty, and do life together – in all its glory and messiness.

What are we about?

We seek to be a place of hospitality & welcome and a blessing to our community

What's important to us?

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Christ-centred and Trinitarian

Everything we do stems from our encounter with Jesus Christ - the source of our hope and our inspiration. Our experience of God is that ‘he’ has revealed himself through his creation as Father-Son-Holy Spirit which is reflected in our worship and community life.

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Accessible & Real

Exploring faith and encountering God is for everyone. Whether our services are traditional, contemporary or contemplative, we aim to use language that allows everyone to join in, understand what's going on and feel at home.

We aim to be a safe space to ask questions, explore faith and be real.

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Creative & Sustainable

At St Paul's we see ourselves as co-creators - chips off the 'ole block - endowed with gifts and talents designed to enrich community life. As well as nurturing our creativity, we seek to nurture care for creation. We are working towards becoming an Eco-church, a sign of our commitment to change how we meet the need for conservation of our environment.

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Relational & Hospitable

The church is first and foremost the people (not the building). We share life together - all ages and stages - navigating its ups and downs to become a people who love God by living well for others.

It is our belief that God is never more present than in our hospitality and community life. Food, fun and friendship are hallmarks of who we are all combined together with a rich array of worship services and community events.

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Resourcing & Empowering

Sunday is for gathering, the rest of the week for living! We want to fuel imaginations, resource minds and equip hearts to live out our Christian calling in all areas of our lives and vocations - 24-7.

We strive to help everyone in our community develop their 'spiritual gifts' so that we can function as a healthy and inclusive community where everyone serves and plays their part.

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Compassionate & Inclusive

Jesus Christ is our example and our inspiration. We are endlessly impressed by his ability to see to the heart of the matter and to treat all people with compassion and dignity. We aspire to follow Jesus' example and seek to be both a light and a blessing to our parish community by responding practically to need and partnering with those who are also committed to community flourishing.

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