Our Services

We worship God with our whole lives but gather together on Sundays to celebrate God’s love - using a whole range of ancient, traditional and contemporary resources. We’re open to new ways of doing things as well drawing upon ‘the old ways’ for wisdom and well being.


We celebrate our differences and believe that a diverse community founded upon mutual respect,

service and love can change the world!

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SPD @ 9:30am

Sundays (except 3rd Sundays)

Our traditional service uses liturgy based on ancient words that
the church has used for hundreds of years. Whilst we endeavour to
keep things fresh and engaging, the format of prayers, preaching
and traditional Communion (accompanied by organ-led singing)
remains pretty standard.

We appreciate that not everyone is familiar with this style of service
and we endeavour to be inclusive and accessible as we guide people
through ‘traditional’ encounter with God. We are always happy to
explain our practice and want everyone to feel relaxed and

SPD @ 4pm

 2nd & 4th Sundays 

Our contemporary service is at 4.pm most Sundays – it is informal and family-friendly. Our ethos is that we encounter God through community and hospitality, and this is reflected in our gatherings where coffee, cake and conversation are a big part of who we are –
along with cosy ambience, band-led music, creativity, and open
hearts, as we explore the big (and the not-so-big) questions together.

Kids groups and crèche are on the second and fourth Sundays.
Our Kids & Youth groups are all about building strong relationships
and exploring life together through having fun, asking questions
and feeling safe, known and loved in community.


Together @ 11am

3rd Sundays

Our monthly 11.00am service is a refreshing, joyful blend of all
ages, stages and worship styles. It is our conviction that whilst we
all have our own preferences (traditional, gospel, charismatic) the
most important thing about Christian community is unity in diversity
– different people gathering together and serving one another is
more important than the style of songs we sing.

These services are family-friendly and also when we celebrate baptisms/christenings (see Baptisms/Weddings). All welcome.

Beyond the Building

On those few occasions when there is ‘5th Sunday’ we use it as an opportunity to get out in to the community – to worship outdoors or serve our neighbourhood – like litter picking or hosting a pic-nic in the park. Keep an eye on the website for up-to-date details.   

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The Hush Service

The Hush Service is a monthly gathering that explores mindfulness and contemplative prayer. In a world of noise and perpetual motion, we want to make space to stop and be quiet – together. Each month we explore a different practice that helps us to cultivate stillness, listening and soul care.

Communion @ SPD

At SPD we regularly celebrate an act of worship called ‘communion’. You may also have heard it referred to as the Eucharist or The Lord’s Supper. It dates all the way back to when Jesus shared a ‘last supper’ with his disciples, the evening before he was crucified. You can find the story of the ‘last supper’ in the Gospels in the New Testament:
- Matthew 28: 17 – 30
- Mark 14: 12 – 25
- Luke 22: 7 – 20
- John 13: 1 – 30

You can also read about how the very first Christian communities celebrated Communion in St Paul’s letter to the Corinthian Christians: 1 Corinthians 11:17-34

Why Bread and Wine?
Bread is a symbol for Jesus body and wine is a symbol for his blood. It may sound strange, but it all started when Jesus instructed his followers to use bread and wine to remember the sacrifice he was going to make when he chose to die on the cross. Jesus also called himself “the bread of life”, meaning that in some way, he nourishes us. Communion is a way of connecting with Jesus and being sustained by him.

What happens at Communion?
Before we receive the bread and wine, the congregation is guided through a series of prayers in which we recognize who God is; the gift of the Son; and our need for forgiveness. The heart of Communion however, is when remember the meal that Jesus shared with his disciples.

The person leading Communion will pray a special prayer inviting God’s Spirit to be present as we break the bread, pour the wine and receive – by faith – these earthy elements in to our bodies as one Body. It is a profound act of worship that honors the material world of ‘stuff’ (bread, wine & human bodies) whilst also honoring the mystery of faith and the invisible work of grace in our lives and in our community.

Whilst Communion at SPD will be done in a relaxed, informal, and joyful way, it should also be done reflectively and reverently - recognizing that we are sharing a holy moment of communion with
God and each other.


If you are baptized or take the bread & wine in your church tradition, we invite you to receive the bread and wine (gluten free wafers are available – just ask) but if you’re not sure, please come to the Table but ask for a blessing instead and we would love to pray a short prayer with you.

If you have any questions about Communion, Baptism, Confirmation, or belonging to our church family, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: vicar@stpaulsdaybrook.co.uk or hello@stpaulsdaybrook.co.uk.