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Lent 2023 – Walk This Way…

Walk This Way - Lent 2023

Jesus was a walker - in fact it’s estimated that he walked over 22,000 miles.

As a roaming prophet, Jesus was compelled to keep moving from one place to another to where the people were. But then Jesus started walking like he was on a proper mission…

As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem. - Luke 9: 51

Jesus knew exactly where his path would take him, yet he walked there willingly - putting one foot in front of the other – ‘walking the walk’ all the way to death (and beyond).

This Lent - from Ash Wednesday (yesterday) to Easter Sunday – I’ve committed to a-walk-a-day (it may be a walk around the block, it may be longer) but as I walk I’ll invite God’s Spirit to be my travelling Companion and I’ll reflect on Jesus’ walk to Jerusalem, to the cross. And I shall also reflect on my own life-journey, inviting God to make himself known to me as I put one foot in front of

the other.

And so, I’m extending the invitation to all SPD folk to ‘walk the walk’ this Lent. We’re encouraging everyone to go for a-walk-day (even if it’s just around the garden) as a way of deepening our Lent experience, and our relationship with God. Click here to view our 'Walk This Way…' resource (with 40 questions for reflection) or download at copy at the bottom of this post.

We really want to journey together this Lent, so please send your walk pictures, stories, and reflections to or join our Facebook page to share your experiences and insights – remember the more we share, the more we’ll all benefit from our collective experience.

And as someone wise once said, the moment that our legs start moving, our thoughts begin flowing…

May God inhabit our thoughts as we move our legs!

Rev Jack

Lent Booklet - 19.02.23
Download PDF • 84KB

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